Who doesn't want to change their life for the better: to land an exciting job, to find a successful relationship, to lose ten pounds? We all dream about improving our lives, careers, relationships or waistlines - even our golf scores. Could there be one master key to unlocking the potential within you, helping you achieve all of the things you desire in life?

Yes - Attitude. As Barbara Babbit Kaufman shows you in her revealing best-selling book, Attitude is the power every person has within, a power that can make anything possible. Attitude is how you think about yourself, your life, what you do every day, how you carry yourself physically and emotionally, and how you react. Attitude is how you approach life, and your attitude will have the greatest impact on how your life plays out. Each chapter shows you how to make it happen instead of waiting for it to happen, all by using Attitude.

Kaufman teaches you how attitude will help you network more effectively, be a better salesperson (because everything is sales), improve your marriage and inject passion and enthusiasm to everything you do in life.

Drawn from her own experiences as a successful CEO, community leader and working mother, Kaufman's book offers practical strategies for creating a positive attitude that will improve your career, love life, friendships, and even your golf game. As the author confesses, she's not more blessed than anyone else, or more beautiful or more brilliant, but she discovered that her upbeat attitude would take her where she wanted to go - and it has. Now, in Attitude, she shares how you can achieve your dreams by using the same positive power. Kaufman has started and run several businesses and companies, and is now a successful corporate consultant, media personality, and motivational speaker, along with being a wife, mother, amateur competitive athlete and busy community volunteer. Attitude is the perfect book to guide any person of any age to a more fulfilling, accomplished life. As a bonus, the author even offers her personal strategies on losing weight and getting in great shape, even if you're a busy working parent.

As you will learn in Attitude, you don't need the world's greatest brain or the luckiest break. You just need to face each situation in life with an attitude that gives you the edge - and Attitude will show you, step by step, how to get that great attitude and make your dreams a reality!

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