K E Y N O T E   S P E A K E R

Barbara is candid, eloquent, funny and, above all else, real, with a message that will literally alter the way you regard yourself and those around you.

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Barbara has spent the past five years speaking to corporations, leadership groups and non-profits about the importance of attitude. Her upbeat energy, unstoppable enthusiasm, and humorous real-life anecdotes have made her a crowd pleaser with a variety of audiences.

Her lively and passionate speeches and training seminars address a variety of topics including personal and professional motivational strategies, business entrepreneurship, marketing, branding and women's issues. Her steps are easy to follow and result in a variety of outcomes towards success and optimism. After hearing Barbara speak, you can expect:

  • Increased productivity and a happier work environment
  • Ability to deal with change and difficult situations
  • New habits that produce a positive attitude
  • Understanding of how to handle difficult customers and improve customer service
  • To learn to be more optimistic and accomplish the impossible

Bottom line, your audience will walk away with an attitude adjustment and the tools to keep it alive.

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